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  • Are You Looking For A Professional Pool Repair Company In Westchester County NY?

  • We Offer Quality Pool Repair Services That Leave Your Pool Looking Brand New!

    Pool repair can be a costly, seemingly up-hill battle. If it's not one thing, it's another.

    But at Better Pool Service, we guarantee that we'll lock down all of your pool's repair needs in one assessment. We'll even rank your pool's issues, guiding you to what needs to be fixed immediately and what can wait until next year.

    So you get the pool repairs you need now, without feeling yanked around or given unnecessary upgrades. At BPS, we know that backyard pools are a longterm, costly investment. So unlike our competitors who try to get you to pay for every upgrade upfront, immediately, and with no concern for whether or not you need the service, we strive to show you how you can affordably maintain your pool in the here and now.


  • Our Pool Repair Services Include:

    Filter cleaning and repairs
    Pump and motor repairs
    In-ground vinyl liner replacements
    Heater repairs and replacements
    Automatic pool cleaners - repairs and replacements
    Automatic control systems and timers
    Re-plumbing filter equipment
    Mastic replacements
    Acid washes
    Minor and major leak detection and leak repairs
    Deck repair and cover replacement