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  • Pool Opening And Closing Services In Mahopac & Westchester County NY

  • Need Pool Opening And Closing Services In Mahopac & Westchester County NY?

    Pool Opening And Closing Services


    Our in-ground pool opening and closing services make it simple for you to keep your pool ready for any season or longterm trip.

    We get your pool open, clean and ready to go for the summer, or closed up and properly sealed for winter. Likewise, if you plan on going out of town, we can close off or open up your pool for any other reason or occasion. 

    At Better Pool Service, our highly trained professional staff is prepared to open, clean and prep your pool for a care-free swim season. We are certified pool technicians, and will open or close your pool properly and procedurally.

    Pool Opening
    Includes the following:

    • Taking cover off, cleaning and folding
    • Installing all filter plugs - Get filter equipment up and running
    • Vacuum only what can be seen in the pool
    • Brushing
  • Pool Closing Is Equally As Important

    Better Pool Service is equipped to properly winterize your pool water and equipment to help save time and money when you undergo the spring reopening process as soon as the warm weather rolls around. This assures you will be swimming as soon as climate permits. In the northeast, it's undoubtedly imperative to close your pool properly so that freezing water does not do serious damage to your pipes and equipment. Allow the experts at Better Pool Service to protect your investment when the cold weather approaches.

    Pool Closing
    Includes the following:

    • General cleaning and vacuuming of the pool
    • Balancing chemicals
    • Draining the pool to the proper water level
    • Covering the pool
    • Blowing out the lines and turning off the breakers (chemicals, plugs and gizmos are additional)