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  • We Install LED Pool Lighting For Any Pool Or Spa

    Enhance the atmosphere of your pool experience with LED pool lighting! We use high-quality, weatherproof outdoor lighting fixtures that take advantage of LED lighting technology to turn up the atmosphere of any pool or spa environment.

    We offer our pool lighting services in color wheel options as well, so you can enjoy natural, relaxing light, or a colorful, pool lighting party experience.

    LED pool lighting transforms your outdoor environment by adding vibrant color with just one flip of a switch. Lighting can be used to brighten obvious and hard to reach areas in pools and spas, or to simply enhance the atmosphere. Energy efficiency is a primary benefit of LED pool lighting and is one of the main reasons behind its surge in popularity.

    But while LED pool lights are the popular choice nowadays, many pool owners still have their outdated incandescent lighting. Have no fear! We still do repairs and replacements for incandescent lighting if need be! We also offer our clients on/off power capabilities from a phone and even remote landscape lighting in and around your pool area!

    Better Pool Services can assist in selecting the proper lighting for your pool when the time comes. Correct lighting is important and we can help navigate you through the challenge in understanding the appearance, and atmosphere created, of colored light and how they interact with surface colors, such as concrete, tile, or granite.

    Our trained specialists can show you how pool lighting can enhance your pools environment, while increasing its worth, overnight! Get in touch today for a consultation and let us simplify things for you.