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    Is your old pool liner in need of replacement? 

    Typically, a vinyl pool liner can last up to 20 years, but for most pools and pool owners the average is closer to 10-12 years.

    Longevity of your liner can be attributed to overall care of the liner and an attention to water chemistry and pool environment. A liner can often fade, which results in the pattern becoming less visible due to sun and chemical exposure. And when a pool liner begins to fade, that's when it begins to become most vulnerable.

    If your liner is ripped or torn, often a patch can be a viable solution to lengthen the duration of the liners lifespan. However, aging is inevitable, and as the liner gets older, it becomes less pliable and increasingly brittle.

    We recommend a full pool liner replacement instead of attempting to reset a floating liner, as this could cause more harm and can lead to potential human injury down the line. As pool liners age, it is common to see them begin to pull away from the corners of the pool and become increasingly brittle. In this case, if a corner of a vinyl liner tears, patching will not suffice, and we encourage a full replacement.

    We offer high-quality pool liner replacement in Mahopac and Westchester county NY. Our professionals can assess exactly what type of pool liner you need, the best material for longevity and your unique environment, and appropriate maintenance requirements so that you can get the most out of your pool liner replacement.

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