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    pool leak detection

    Do you need professional pool leak detection to lock down where your pool leaks are coming from?

    As frustrating as they may be, pool leaks are a potential hazard every homeowner may face. Surrounding buildings and other property can all be susceptible to serious damage a result of pool leaks.

    And what's worse, the soil below the pool deck can become disturbed from excessive water and can lead to a collapse of the pool deck as well as other, much worse, catastrophes.

    Successful pool leak detection and the resulting repairs consists of precise pool floor analysis and progressive leak detection tactics; this is a procedural process, where parts of the filtration system, plumbing and pool interior undergo stringent testing in order for us to spot the leak, or leaks.

    We offer professional expertise and an abundant supply of resources to track down and repair any pool leak circumstances. Our pool leak detection services are the best in the industry, and we pride ourselves on being able to find hard to detect leaks and blemishes so that you can get back to enjoying your pool ASAP.

    Better Pool Service can provide underwater leak detection and repair as an option. We have certified divers on staff. If immediate repair during the height of the swimming season is of concern, this is the only viable solution to expedite the process, keep you swimming, and minimize summer enjoyment disruption.

    Our services can include:

    • visual inspection
    • dye testing
    • pressure testing
    • using scuba gear for the lowest of leak
    • concrete and piping

    In some instances, if tear and leaks are minor, they can be patched successfully with vinyl on a liner pool and epoxy for a concrete pool.