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    Pool cleaning can be a hassle. An exhausting, messy, tiresome, time-wasting hassle. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most necessary aspects of owning a pool. 

    To keep your pool ready to use at all times, pool cleaning is absolutely crucial. Not only does it keep your pool's water fresh looking for you and your guests, but it also ensures that less damage to the motor or liner is likely to naturally occur. 

    If you need a pool cleaning service located in Mahopac or Westchester County NY, be sure to check out Better Pool Service's pool cleaning service. We use top of the line chemicals, at the safest measures, to ensure that your pool is ready to use at any given time.

    We offer full service maintenance throughout the swimming season, we'll make sure your pool is cleaned to perfection. Our pool cleaning service even comes with a basic pool inspection, so we'll leave you knowing exactly how your pool is doing, when it may need some check ups, and what you can expect in the coming months!

    Contact Better Pool Service today to get your pool cleaning underway!

  • Our services and service plans can include

    Blowing off the pool deck
    Vacuuming the pool
    Cleaning tiles
    Brushing pool surfaces
    Skimming the water surface
    Emptying the skimmer and pump baskets
    Checking the system
    Balancing the water chemistry
    Backwashing filter
    Cleaning cartridges
    Clean and check automatic pool cleaners
  • Filter Maintenance

    With a clean & maintained pool filter you will:

    • Lower your electrical bill - this alone could pay for a swimming pool filter cleaning.
    • Get healthier pool water - 10-20lbs of dirt and gunk will no longer be in your swimming pools circulatory system. Your pool water will no longer be pumped through this gunk. Additionally, you will be at less risk of algae outbreaks.

    • Prolong your pool filter's life - less stress on the internals equates to less repairs.

    • Prolong the life of your filter pump motor - less resistance from the filter means it can do its job of moving your pool water more easily.