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    pool chemical treatment

    A quality pool chemical treatment is the best way to get your pool balanced and ready for use!

    Along with the safety and comfort of the people swimming in it, proper water chemistry is critical to the longevity of your pool and pool equipment.

    Liners can become faded and brittle, plaster can get scale deposits forming on it, and heat exchangers can rot due to bad chemistry, all of which result in expensive repairs or replacement. Ever-changing weather and environmental conditions only add to the on-going chemistry changes in your pool's water.

    Testing your pool water once a week will help ensure a great swimming season, but sometimes even that can't prevent a sudden change in weather that sends your pools chemistry into a tailspin. And in those moments, Better Pool Service is there to help get your pool back to beautiful!

    Our service prices do not include cost for chemicals. We offer the following chemical options for our clients:

    • Use our chemicals priced per application
    • Provide customer with bulk chemicals at a reduced price
    • Use chemicals provided by customer
    • Use a combination of customer's chemicals and ours


  • Balanced water levels

    Free chlorine (ppm)12-410
    Combined chlorine (ppm)000.2
    Total bromine (ppm)24-610
    Total alkalinity (ppm)6080-100180
    Calcium hardness (ppm)150200-400500-1000
    Cyanuric Acid (ppm)1030-50150
    Total dissolved solids (ppm)n/an/aInitial TDS +1500